What Every Parent Should Know About the Value A Job At Chick-fil-A Can Give Their Teen.


Parents, if you have a teen you may have discussed with them the value that a job can offer.  A job at Chick-fil-A is a particularly great place for your teen to learn many valuable skills that will help him or her during high school and into the college years.  Here are a few values Chick-fil-A can offer for you and your teen to consider.


1. Time management: Having to balance school and work will teach teens early on the importance of prioritizing responsibilities and managing their time. The sooner they learn how to do this the better off they’ll be when they leave for college and eventually branch out into the real world of full-time jobs and responsibilities.
2. Help build a resume: Being able to list work experience on a resume will help your teen get ahead of the crowd when it comes time to apply for college or find a full-time job. It will show prospective colleges and employers that your teen is a motivated, hard-working individual and will set them above the people who have no prior work experience.
3. Financial independence: There’s a certain satisfaction that is brought about by being able to buy something you want with your own hard-earned money, and having a job that brings in a paycheck will allow teens to learn how to effectively manage their money and rely on themselves and not their parents for different purchases. Learning to manage money is a life skill that everyone needs to have, so learning it early on will only benefit your teenager.
4. Develop indispensable life skills: Your teen will learn very quickly the importance of working as a team and having solid communication skills, two talents that are transferable into almost any industry or experience. The experiences that they have, both good and bad, from a part-time job will help them to become better-rounded as an individual.
5. Learn the value of hard work: Unfortunately hard work is becoming more under-valued these days, especially with teens, and it’s important to teach our kids that hard work is a trait to be admired and respected. Learning to work for what you want is an advantageous tool to have.
While your teens may complain about having to get a job initially, it’s likely that they’ll end up thanking you for it in the long run. The lessons they’ll learn from having to work a part-time job are irreplaceable.

There is no better place for teens to learn these important skills.  If you want a positive working environment for your teen. Check out our career page and hear from our Operator about working at our restaurant.

Credit: Heather Smith. Parent’s Resource Expert